Sons of Thunder M/ M
Budget Overview
    Just a short overview of our budget and how your donations can help others in our community.
January - December 2004
2004 Expenses

Scholarship Fund 04/05-    $ 1,100.56

Building Fund -                    $1,948.71

Charitable Outreach YTD -   $3618.66

GED Prep Classes               $  276.38

Program Expenses              $611.25

Building Expenses               $3979.32

Meeting Costs                    $878.26

Supplies & Other Expenses $1601.69
2004 Income

Membership Dues                        $2806.00

SOTMM Member Contributions     $9406.66

Outside Donations                         $1807.86

Fund Raiser Events                       $1056.25

2004     TOTAL   $15,076.77
    As a growing Ministry, we need the help of other Christians and members of the community to further the good works which help those in need. We are Blessed each time we are able to fill a need in the community and we pray that you will be moved to join us in giving of your time, talents, and money.

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God Bless
2005 YTD
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