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January 23rd 2005
    Our Chili Dinner was a warm touch on a cold afternoon and a perfect follow up to a  chili ride to church in Lake Dallas with the Blood Brothers. Thanks for inviting us and thanks to all who joined us in helping to raise funds for our Ministry. Our afternoon fellowship ride through Denton proved to be a little warmer and a good time spent on our bikes.
January 20th & 21st 2005
    YARD SALE! in Chico. Congradulations Kimmy, Glenda and all who helped for raising $360.35 for the Ministry work we do.
January 15th 2005
     Shady Shores Church invited us for a wonderful breakfast. Thanks for the opportunity to share our ministry work with you. You have been excellent freinds and partners in the Lord's work.
February 13th 2005
    Thanks Trinity Chapel Church for inviting us out to Sanger. It was a great sun shiny day to ride and join with your congragation to worship. The spaggetti dinner after service was excellent. The Youth did a great job.
     After church and dinner we rode north to Muenster and spent the afternoon on the road.
February 19th 2005
    We enjoyed an early breakfast and planning meeting Shady Shores Baptist Church. We're looking forward to Easter BBQ and Egg Hunt on March 26th at the church. We pray that through all our efforts and a hand from our Lord this will be a great event glorifying God and giving us the opportunity to fellowship with the community.
February 20th 2005
    Happy Birthday Kim!! We're riding to Chico to celebrate our sister's birthday. It's expected to be a great day to be on the road. We know it will be a great day for the Birthday Girl.
February 12th 2005
    I attended a brunch and planning meeting with the CBC Riders at Crossroads Bible Church. They have some excellent rides and events planned this year. We look forward to joining with them in their events and thank them for their fellowship and support. We have invited them to be our guests and  plan their March 22nd Dinner Ride to our Clubhouse in Denton. All are invited Check out the March Calendar for more info.
March 13th 2005
Sons of Thunder M/M joined with Branded for Life Cowboy Church , Pilot Point TX in celebrating thier 10th anniversary. Their was great food, fun, and entertainment but most exciting was the excellent message delivered and the great christian fellowship. We are grateful for the hospitality and the opportunity to worship with wonderful people. We look forward to our next visit.  Click for Pics and more info 
March 25th 2005
     Happy Easter!
A little rain did not stop a wonderful BBQ and Easter egg hunt at Shady Shores Baptist church. We all had a wonderful time and want to thank the folks from shady shores for all their hard work and ingenuity moving an outdoor event into their church. The turn out was wonderful and a true blessing from God. We met many new people from the community and we pray that many soles were touched that day. Ours were!
Visit to learn more about this great church.
March 22nd 2005
    Thanks to the CBC Riders for joining us in a spaggetti dinner and a little fellowship at our clubhouse. A cool but exilerating ride from Double Oak began an excellent evening. We were blessed to be able to show them a little hospitality and we're grateful for their fellowship. We look forward to joining with them for future rides and events.
March 19th & 20th  2005
     Lake Tenkiller, OK
!! An eventful ride starting early Saturday morning. We were challenged with breakdowns and unforseen delays that turned an expected 6 hour ride into a 12 hour adventure. The Sons of Thunder showed extraordinary determination and faith. Thank God we made it. The rough trip was well worth the trouble. Thanks to Joann ( Robert's Mom) for her wonderful hospitality and hard work making all the arrangements for us and feeding us while we were their. She is a blessing. Sunday was an excellent day with a ride to visit Cornerstone Fellowship Church were we met many wonderful people and were blessed with an excellent message from their pastor. Thanks for welcoming us to worship with you.
      Sunday afternoon, we took advantage of the time to relax, enjoy the lake, and fellowship before returning.
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